One Day Is Not Enough

Project Info

Personal Project – for Norddal village

2017 – 2020

Video Production

The scenes for this film were recorded in 2017 when we first visited friends in Norway. Three years later, we found ourselves living in the same village, enchanted by the memories of that initial trip. We captured footage of ourselves and our friends throughout the journey; every location seemed magical and worthy of recording. Filming these places now, so familiar to us, would undoubtedly be a challenge. However, filming one’s surroundings is always the hardest, making us grateful for the recordings from our first visit to Norddal. Funny is that the raw footage from those days was left untouched on our hard drive for three years until we settled in Norddal and finally decided to edit it. The process brought back a flood of memories, reminding us of how and why we filmed each scene. Given our current perspective, we realize we would have approached the film probably a bit differently today. Nonetheless, I’m glad it turned out the way it did; it’s a great keepsake and a record of our sensitivity at that time.