HitchHiker Magazine Issues 01-03

Project Info

HitchHiker Magazine


Branding, Layout Design, Print Supervision

We published our own travel magazine, setting the bar so high that most of people, hearing about the design of the transparent double cover, shouted that it was impossible. But… we did it! And not once.

HitchHiker Magazine is a release of our great love for wild travel, passion for photography, writing and design. We’ve published 4 issues in Poland, now preparing the international edition but shhh… we will see what happens.

By design we pay tribute to photography, displaying photos like in an artbook. The print naturally soaks into fantastic Swedish paper with a tangible structure. The whole is closed under the translucent double cover, which was a huge production challenge. With help of one of the best printing houses in Poland our dreams came true. This is probably the first magazine in the world with this type of binding!

Passion for fairy-tale texts freely reflects our continuous trips, adventures and stories from places which you won’t find on Google Maps. HitchHiker Magazine is all our heart and passion poured onto magazine pages.